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As a fleet manager, are you spending too much time on administrative tasks? Would you like to optimise and professionalise the way your company fleet is managed and maintained? At Smart Car Repair, we offer an extensive ‘à la carte’ menu of time and cost saving fleet services that will certainly make it a lot more pleasant for you as a fleet manager, and for your employees.

Filing a claim? New employee? End of lease? Every company fleet requires a customised and professional service and we can help with that. Request a no-obligation quote today to discover the potential savings for your fleet.


Avoid unexpected costs when reaching the end of lease

When the lease period of one of your cars ends, you must return it free of use-related damage to avoid additional costs on the final invoice. Relying on our smart and innovative repair techniques, we repair any use-related damage and recondition both the interior and exterior of your cars.

In addition, we provide you with an objective and de tailed report on the car’s state to ensure that there isn’t any ambiguity when it is returned. This is to avoid any argument on to the vehicle’s return condition.

Worth mentioning: as a fleet manager you are in control at all times. We ensure that you have access to all the relevant information online to make the right decision at the right time.


Nearly new car for new drivers

Are you allocating a car in your fleet to a new driver? We give both the interior and exterior of the car a complete make – over and repair any damage to the vehicle to make sure the new driver will get a ‘nearly new’ car.


Limited repair costs and downtime

Unforeseen bodywork damage, vandalism or third-party damage? We can assist you. Our innovative smart repair methods do more than help us keep repair costs as low as possible. With our fast and professional service, we can also reduce the time your vehicles are off the road.


Store unused cars in our car hotel

Not enough safe parking spaces for cars that are not in use? Our car hotel is the ideal solution to your problem: in it, we can store your unused vehicles for a set period.


Convenient pick-up and delivery service

Is one of your fleet cars in need of repair? We can easily schedule it in: our drivers will pick up the car from your company or from the vehicle user’s home and deliver it once it’s repaired. Do you need a courtesy car? Our pleasure! We will provide you with one. That’s peace of mind, isn’t it?


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