About us


Jo Arnouts , founder and managing partner of our group, introduced smart repair techniques in Belgium in 1999. The seed that would grow into the Smart Car Repair Group had been sowed. It is because of his pioneering role that we can still proudly call ourselves the original today.


It goes without saying that a lot has changed in over two decades. In 2021, in addition to expanding our network with new Smart Sites in Mechelen, Zaventem and Kontich, we are widely known for our extensive specialist knowledge and expertise in smart repair. 


Our expertise is no longer limited to just technical specialisation. In order to better respond to the current needs of all our customers, we have expanded our services with a range of useful fleet services:


  • Inventory of individual vehic le condition
  • Reconditioning of vehicles for delivery to new drivers
  • Pick – up & delivery
  • Courtesy vehicles
  • Vehicle storage
  • VSecure online handling and presentation
  • Etc.


What are the benefits of smart repair?

Smart repair is a combination of new and innovative repair methods, tools, procedures and products that make it possible to repair minor damage to your car quickly, transparently and at a lower cost. This includes scratches, dents and paint scuffs , but also damaged door edges. We can even restore aluminium and polished alloy wheels quickly using smart repair techniques.


Smart repair enables us to avoid replacing damaged parts whenever possible. This has many advantages:


  1. It is cheaper.
  2. It is better for the environment.
  3. It is faster.


Did you know that most repairs take less than 2 hours? You can wait in our lounge area for your car to be ready. There is coffee and Wi-Fi.


At Smart Car Repair, you can expect:


  • Significant time and cost savings.
  • A transparent process based on legible, clear
    and straightforward quotes.
  • A fast online quote: send us some photos of the damage and you will
    receive our quote within 4 hours. Free and without obligation!
  • Fast handling: your repair can be scheduled within 4 days.
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