Get your car ready for a fast sale

Are you planning to sell your car on the second-hand market? You are not the only one. In 2021, the second-hand market is a very competitive market. If you want to sell your car faster and at a higher price, you will need to present it in the best possible way. As if it came out of the showroom, looking brand new. And we can help you with that…


A thorough make-over for the exterior

We thoroughly spruce up the exterior of your car: the body is professionally cleaned; any dirt is removed from the alloy wheels and the windows and headlights are cleaned. But that’s not all: with our advanced polishing methods and professional products, we also remove scratches in the paint and restore your car’s shine using a wax finish to ensure that it immediately catches the eye.


The interior is also given a complete car valet treatment

The interior is also fully reconditioned. The plastic surfaces of your dashboard, doors or centre console are cleaned professionally and everything is dressed with a glossy or matte coating to make the whole interior look like new again

What if there are stains in the carpets, upholstery or headlining? Professional deep cleaning gives the best results. We can even restore weathered leather to its former well-cared-for and beautiful shine by applying a conditioner.


The unpleasant smell of cigarettes can linger in your car. With the right techniques and professional products, your car will smell fresh again. Dog hair and pine needles are also difficult to remove. Not a problem for our professional valets, however.

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