Are you a private customer or an SME? We are at your service!


Did your private vehicle sustain minor damage? Is there a dent in the company car? Did you know that, thanks to our smart and innovative repair techniques, the repair costs are often lower than your insurance excess*? Besides, fixing damage need not be a time-consuming and nail-biting process: at Smart Car Repair, we make sure that you get your car back as soon as possible. Like that, you can focus your attention on more important matters


* Another advantage of not having to file an insurance claim is that your no-claims bonus will not be affected.


At Smart Car Repair, you can expect:


  • Significant time and cost savings.
  • A transparent process: based on legible, clear and straightforward quotes.
  • Customer-friendly and professional service.
  • A fast online quote : send us some photos of the damage and you will receive our quote within 4 hours. Free and without obligation!
  • Fast service: if you so wish, the repair will be scheduled and carried out within 4 working days.


Make your car look as new again

Do you want to make your car look as new? Or are you thinking of selling it on the second-hand market and do you want to present it in optimal condition to potential buyers? We repair any use-related vehicle damage and recondition both the interior and exterior. Your car is then ready to be sold, but it’s up to you to sell it.


Need your car back as soon as possible? No problem!

Our innovative smart repair methods do more than help us keep repair costs as low as possible. With our fast and professional service, we can guarantee that you will get your car back as soon as possible. Did you know that a smart car repair will be done in a day?


Convenient pick-up and delivery service

Do you need to have your car repaired? We can easily schedule it in: our drivers will pick up the car from your home and deliver it once it’s repaired. Do you need a courtesy car? Our pleasure ! We will provide you with one. That’s peace of mind, isn’t it?


Request a no-obligation quote and

book your repair appointment

Request your free no-obligation quote now. You can expect it within 4 working hours. With your quote you can then easily book a repair appointment.