Is your bodywork damaged?

Did the paint get scratched? Is there a dent with paint damage on the wing? Paint damage on the door? We work meticulously to quickly repair the whole damaged area as if nothing ever happened.


How do we proceed?

  1. First, we remove all nicks with a “ spotter“ which can eliminate dents in aluminium as well as in metal.
  2. After that, we tackle the paint damage.
  3. We start by applying a protective adhesive primer.
  4. Then, the body is sprayed with 2 or more coats of paint (depending on your car, metallic, pearlescent, mica or flip-flop pigment). We use the spot repair method, a highly targeted painting technique, which is not only fast and efficient, but also uses less paint and therefore costs less.
  5. The coats of paint are topped by another two coats of clear lacquer.
  6. We also use custom drying systems to save time during the curing period.



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