Bumper damage


Did you hit a wall? Park a little too close to another vehicle? Sustain damage from loose chippings? Or is the bumper even slightly cracked? This does not always mean that the bumper has to be replaced: in many cases, we can solve the problem using bonding techniques.

How do we proceed?

  1. First, we repair the damage or remove the dent from the plastic bumper. If it is cracked, a plastic filler is applied, which ensures that the bumper remains flexible enough afterwards to absorb minor impacts.
  2. After that, we tackle the paint damage.
  3. We start by applying a protective adhesive primer to make sure the coat of paint will not peel off after a while.
  4. Then, the bumper damage is painted over with 2 or more coats of paint (depending on your car, metallic, pearlescent, mica or flip-flop pigment). Since we are a Spot Repair specialist, you can rest assured that the repair is done quickly and efficiently, while also using less paint to significantly reduce the repair costs.
  5. The process is completed with two more coats of clear lacquer.
  6. We also use custom drying systems to save time during the curing period.

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